ZB: Brotherhood of Time


Alchemist Stephen Baldwin named it The Book of Time. And student Joachim Shlick, who attends Charlton’s grammar school, a school specializing in history, is now on its trail. Joachim is convinced that perhaps there are no two more boring and useless subjects than the History of Religion and Latin. But the book convinces him in the most remarkable way that it would be good to pay attention to these things as well, despite the fact that they are taught by a kind of fool, whom students call „Jesus’s mate“ and who in his free time stands on the corners with the sign: JESUS IS COMING SOON. Is he right?

The Brotherhood of Time is a Christian book that takes place partly in the past and I try to capture the situation of the Church in the 17th century in an entertaining way. I also write a bit about two other questions – is Jesus going to come and why unbelievers should remain in hell forever and ever. The composition is about 90% of adventures and mysteries and 10% of historical facts and theology, so perhaps it will amuse even those who are not interested in such matters.

You can purchase the book here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1034110




He scrambled out of the water and, with a slightly calmer head, decided to call in S.W.A.T. But his cell phone didn’t work, despite being said to be waterproof – someone seemed to be saving on police equipment again, preventing him from doing his job properly.

„Hey, guys,“ he called to the two students, „don’t you have a cell phone? I don’t have a signal here or it has broken because of the water.“

„What doeth the fobdoodle want to tell us?“ One of them asked.

„What is in thy cell? A foal?“ The other hesitated, shaking his head.“ Why dost thou have a foal in thy cell?“

„No, he’s talking about a signum – a seal,“ the first muttered, asking aloud, „Dost thou need a scribe?“

„I need to call Prague,“ the policeman repeated his request.

The men burst out laughing.

„Try to climb a tree,“ one suggested. „If thou makest a loud call, thy voice may be heard in the neighboring village, but in Prague?“

„Dost thou see his clothes?“ The other whispered softly. „I believe he is crazy and surely he is drunken, too.“

One of the guards walked over to Frost, poked the strange guy in the sign in his chest, and asked, „What is a police?“

Peter Frost knew about the local school, that students were learning about the past through various games, but now he was not in the mood for it.

„Enough, boys,“ he said to the young guards. „This is a serious matter, I really need to call S.W.A.T.“

„I can swat thee, if thou thinkest thou might sober thus,” one of them offered with a laugh, hoping he finally understood the weirdo a little.

Mr. Frost frowned. „It’s nice of you to love that school, but I’m investigating something important here, so it would be nice if you stopped playing we were in the fifteenth century for a while, or whatever year you pretend it is.“

„It’s the year 1625,“ the guard tried to be a little helpful to him, „I’m sure thou art very drunken when thou art not aware what time it is.“

„Thou art are in the lands of the Czech crown,“ added the other man, convinced that the fool he was talking to had completely lost his head, „and our ruler is-„

„I know very well what year it is and that Milos Laird is the ruler here,“ Frost snapped, „this is thwarting the police investigation,“ he continued angrily, „and I don’t like your stupid jokes anymore. You’re lucky you’re not of legal age yet. So if you would kindly let me in now, I would like to continue with my work.“

Mr. Frost was no longer the only one who ran out of patience, but one of the guards made one last polite attempt to help him: „Matthew is the laird of this estate, I don’t know any laird called Milos.“ (It’s a pun as the presidents surname is Laird.)

The policeman shook his head angrily and wanted to add something else, but as he did so, he glanced at the hill on which a brand new lookout tower was to stand. It was the dominant feature of this region and he did not see it anywhere.


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